About Us

At the Financial Literacy Hub, our goal is to bring finance and accounting know-how within easy reach of all South Africans.
In today’s increasingly complex world, acquiring strong financial literacy skills is probably one of the most empowering things an individual can do for him/herself. The problem often is however, how or where to get started.
Accounting is the language of Finance and Business and obtaining an understanding of accounting is certainly one of the best ways to start when setting out to become financially literate.
With this in mind we have developed the Accounting123 suite of workshop programmes to introduce accounting principles to complete newcomers to the subject, as well as to refresh and extend the knowledge of those who do have some prior exposure to accounting.
Learning can be fun as well as educational and we have worked hard to bring you a bright, engaging and innovative approach that communicates the concepts in simple crystal clear terms, while fully immersing and involving you in a process of discovery-learning.
Our methods work, because we have proven them time and again in the classroom; because we are experts in our subject and because we are passionate about imparting our knowledge and experience to others.
Take the steps to empower yourself or the employees in your business by enrolling for one of our workshops and judge for yourself.
Our commitment is to provide you with Accounting and Finance skills for Life!

Business size

1-10 employees

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