About Us

We provide patient, friendly and informative training and consultation on optimal use of smart devices in business and life. We serve businesses and individuals.

Be efficient.

That is our motto at Smart Device Geeks, and what we want for you. Give us a call to see what we can do for you.

Smart devices are incredibly powerful devices, yet few are aware of just what it can do for you - whether you are in a business that wants its team members to collaborate more efficiently, or an individual that wishes to use it optimally.

We consult business and individuals on the efficient use of smart devices, often making very good use of cloud computing. We focus on device agnostic services - whether your team members utilise iOS devices (iPhone) or Android devices (eg Samsung), you can collaborate and become more efficient!

*synchronised calendars
*document management
*document editing
*and much, much more
*all of the above automatically shared between your devices, as well as those of team members (family members) that you authorise