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About Us

Recoveri is a South African owned and managed company established in 2004. From humble beginnings, with its primary focus on researching and developing an innovative and technologically superior microtag identification and tracking solution for vehicles and other moveable domestic and corporate assets, Recoveri is now positioned to deliver its smart, flexible identification and tracing tool to the market.

Microdot Technology
The microdot is a miniscule 1mm diameter transparent information disc onto which is etched a series of lines of text which is a unique Asset Identification Number or Name repeated across the disc.
Fifteen thousand of these microdot discs are mixed into a polyurethane solution which is both a transport medium as well as the adhesive to deploying them across areas of an asset. The solution contains a Ultraviolet material which when exposed to the UV black light will glow a blue hue indicating the presence of Recoveri Dots. The solution dries in a hard, clear finish almost invisible from the surface it is on, leaving the microdots firmly fixed in place.

Business size

26-100 employees

Commercial presence