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Premier Scale Services (Pty) Ltd was established in 1974.

We are SANAS, SABS and NRCS accredited, which allows us to calibrate and verify weighing equipment according to government standards. Through the range 80grams to 100 000kg.
We are a service based company that offer very competitive rates while concentrating on customer satisfaction.
Due to our vast expertise we have, over the years built a loyal database of clients to whom we service regularly. There is no job that we turn down as we have a ‘can do’ attitude in our market. If we cannot supply, outsource or import a product our client seeks we will manufacture it. Our further strength is that we are not ‘Brand’ bound.
Premier Scale Services (Pty) Ltd is the first company in the world to have manufactured a thirty two (32) scale carousel for the gas industry. It truly is a ‘Proudly South African’ feat and we are very proud of this accomplishment. We also manufacture our very own Approved Scale Indicator within the borders of South Africa, using local talent as opposed to international. Our software is also developed locally.
Our commitment to building relationships and growing business within South Africa and Africa is a top priority to us. The fact that we have been open for so long and still running strong is proof of our work.
Although we are focused more on Industrial products, we have qualified staff to work in any sector.

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