About Us

M-Design is a Graphic & Web Design Studio that specializes in online marketing & print media.


I LOVE Design!
Choosing M-Design, means choosing me. I am a one man band and have no intention of branching out. This means when you phone you speak to me, when you send an email, I reply, when you need something done, I do it with passion and enthusiasm. There is no cutting corners or passing the buck. I am solely responsible and take massive pride in everything I do. I deal with a very limited client list, ensuring exclusivity, reliability and hands on attention. Personalized service guaranteed.

Personal Integrity
Trust & honesty are two very big words for me, which is actually how my business began. When you get someone in to take over your marketing or at least assist you, you are basically putting your business in their hands. Having previously worked at a Wedding venue in Jo’burg as their marketing manager for 5 years, I learned this & the responsibility one has toward the business & its employees. Marketing is a passion & unless the person you have hired takes your business personally there really is no use.

Experience & Understanding Budgets
You may ask why I put these 2 attributes in the same heading. Well with more than 12 years’ experience in the creative & marketing industry I have learned that marketing budgets are hugely important and need to be planned in advance and reviewed on a timely basis. Knowing where your business comes from and how much of your budget was spent advertising your business on that specific platform is key. There is no point in advertising if you don’t review for instance the analytics after 2-3 months. Having so many different channels available to advertise, it is imperative that you find the channels that work best for your business and target the right audience.