About Us

Launch Factory Experiential is a brand experience agency that creates bonds between brands and people
Launch Factory Experiential is a brand experience agency that bonds brands and people through the creation of peak human experiences. Launch Factory Experiential ignites happiness in people in a branded environment; entertainment; or engagement; to foster closer relationships between customers and brands. Head quartered in Sandton, South Africa, Launch Factory Experiential has offices in Cape Town and Durban, and does work throughout Africa. Clients include, Mini South Africa, Vodafone, Samsung, Eskom, Tigo, Airtel Africa to name but a few.

Launch Factory Experiential was the creator of one of South Africa’s most talked about events and branding platforms, “Miller Rock The Boat” experience. “Miller Rock The Boat” is just one example of the alternate and direct marketing platforms that Launch Factory Experiential creates for brands to engage people so as not to interrupt, but to connect.

Launch Factory Experiential platforms are all based on understanding human cognitive behaviour and creating peak states of experiences and happiness so that brands can interact, share and bond with people in the right environments. The company’s content division produces reality television formats for leading brands throughout Africa. With a strong understanding of brands and target markets, Launch Factory Experiential imagines, invents, creates, inspires, owns, and delivers experiences that create deep memories and meaning by generating human happiness.