About Us

IP Mirror was incorporated in 2000 as an Intellectual Assets Management company to manage the online assets of our clients. We are known and trusted for the provision of Domain Name Registration Services, and that remains at the core of what we do. But we go one step further, in ensuring the online protection of your brand against trademark infringement from online competitors. This is why we are not only a service provider for domain name registration, but a key proponent and champion of Online Brand Protection. This governs the way we run our business and is at the forefront and objective of all business activities that we conduct with you.

We are located in Singapore, United Kingdom, Canada, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Taiwan, Japan, Korea and Australia, and this geographical network gives us a special insight into the needs of online brand protection, specifically in the context of Asia.

In 2005, we were awarded the ISO 9001:2008 certificate, the guarantee of service standard quality, and became the only domain name registrar with this certification. We have since become an accredited registrar of over 100 top level domains (and growing).

Business size

26-100 employees


Commercial presence