About Us

INDAYI Communication is a Below-The Line activation agency which focuses on Malls, Ranks, Campus and In-Store Activations.

Having been around for over years, we’ve equipped ourselves with a wide range of experience and excellent skills in not only implementing successful campaigns, but also evaluate their impact. We have a dedicated team that conceptualise and execute events on a national level.

INDAYI does not believe in putting together a concept by chance. We maintain a database of our accounts by product segment and use this to plan our way forward through a program we call the “Market Awareness Program”. Program results in a compilation of information on every client in the market, covering what brands they carry and where we see it in future.
Not only do we ensure that brief objectives are met, we also ensure that what we propose will be a Success.


Strategic Positioning Internal and External
Brand Rollout Ongoing communication

INDAYI Understands the Dynamics of the Marketplace. We strive to understand your brands future.

We believe this understanding is crucial for putting together the best idea around the brand. We have grown through the use of tailor making each campaign to suit each brand.

INDAYI wishes to enhance the localities profile through the use of event-driven marketing and the creation of sustainable events based on the following:

• Strategic Positioning
• Internal and external brand rollout
• Ongoing communication strategies

Furthermore we have attended countless branding workshops and marketing training’s over the years.

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