About Us

Genso Investments is an investment company based in Randburg, Johannesburg and shareholders of several subsidiary companies, amongst which are:

SA Waste Holdings (Pty) Ltd
SA Waste Production (Pty) Ltd
O'zo Clean (Pty) Ltd
O'zo Pest
O'zo Hygiene
Redbark Asset Management (Pty) Ltd
DDS Document Destruction Services

Genso Investments is operated on a centralized basis where all the above mentioned companies make use of the same administrative staff, accounting department and management, resulting in an overall reduction of overhead costs. All subsidiary companies are wholly owned subsidiaries, and own their own assets.

Some subsidiaries of Genso Investments have been in operation since 1990.
Staff compliment of approximately 446 people.
Our BEE rating currently stands at Level 4.
We have substantial financial resources.

Business size

101-500 employees

Commercial presence