About Us

Full Facing develops innovative data-driven platforms, hardware solutions and software systems to measure and monitor real-world metrics.

Our systems allow businesses to gain a competitive advantage by making it possible to monitor and capture real-world metrics in ways that have not been possible before. Data is captured and presented via beautifully crafted user interfaces, allowing businesses to action real-time information and to integrate the data with their own business-intelligence systems.

The IT Development department within Full Facing currently consist of about 15 young, intelligent, hard working individuals with a true passion for software development. The team’s skill level range from Interns, fresh out of college or university, to super senior developers with 10-plus years experience in software development.

Every team member take software development seriously and also take extreme pride in the work they do – no matter how big or small the project. We work hard. We play hard. We do whatever it takes, whenever it’s needed to get the job done and we have fun while doing it.

Full Facing is on the look out for talented software developers - so contact us if you want to work in this very exciting environment!

Business size

26-100 employees