About Us

Endpoint Management Solutions is an IT Managed Services company offering innovative IT management solutions that remove the manual labour involved in managing an IT environment.

Endpoint Management Solutions’ primary focus is to effectively deliver Endpoint Management as a Managed Service via our cloud based Management Server using market leading products that are guaranteed to meet our client’s endpoint management requirements.

The concept of Endpoint Management comprises of many services that are used to manage, maintain and improve the health and productivity of a computer, a mobile device (cell phone or tablet) or a server. By efficiently managing the Endpoints in your organisation, your end users will be more productive and IT Technicians will have more time to focus on the IT tasks that are important to the company.

Technology has and still is developing at a staggering pace, to say the least. As a result, companies are finding it more and more difficult, and impractical, to have the required IT systems and skills available in house in order to support their IT infrastructure.

The solution......Outsourcing.

Everyday, companies around the world outsource key functions of their daily IT operations to MSP's (Managed Service Providers) for many different reasons. These reasons can be financial, logistical, lack of in house skill or even simply for convenience. What ever the reason, it makes perfect sense to outsource selected IT functions in your organisation.

Endpoint Management Solutions understands this and has a number of cloud based Managed Services that you will benefit from.

Business size

1-10 employees

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