About Us

Two Business Units: One Company.

Blue Moon’s Integrated Employee Engagement division dominates the African workspace, where customers need employers need employees aligned to their corporate vision, inspired to offer discretionary effort and motivated to be natural brand ambassadors.

Our unique tools – live interactions, visual learning, digital and print – simplify the employee engagement process and create environments for strategic understanding and meaningful, sustainable employee interaction.

Blue Moon’s Events division has grown along with – and ahead of – the eventing market since its establishment 25 years ago. With numerous accolades, heavyweight clients and a deeply loyal customer base, it has taken on everything from bespoke launches, to activations, video and live theatre experiences, to international broadcast events. Blue Moon Events continues to raise the bar in innovative, effective communication, audience participation and talkability in the eventing space.

We do wonderful work across a variety of markets and challenges. Let’s inspire YOUR people, too.