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About Us

Bean & Feather is a business solutions network leveraging the combined skills and experience of our members to the benefit of our clients and community.

1. Truth
2. Justice
3. Propriety
4. Harmony
5. Balance
6. Reciprocity
7. Order

To be the premier business solutions network in Southern Africa.

Live the love of business.


Management Consulting
The art and science of business. Management consulting takes into account the entire scope of business. Connecting the big picture and the intricate details.

The language of business. Also known as financial reporting. Financial and management accounting provides information for external and internal users.

Guarding the path. Auditing is the systematic and independent examination of data, operations and information. Assurance as it should be.

The foundation of business information. Bookkeeping is the recording of financial transactions and the conversion of data into information.

A noble pursuit. The rules of the game, commercial law ensures fair play and provides peace of mind.

Human Resources Management
People, the heart and soul of business. Human resources management aligns personnel and organizational strategy.

The dark art. Few things are certain in business. Taxation is one of those things and it brings joy to the heart of many a tax practitioner.

Business communication. Linking the organisation, the outside world and world within is what marketing is all about.

The final frontier of mastery. Training develops the hard and soft skills used in the business world. As much a reflection of trainer as it is of trainee.

Information Technology
If knowledge is power then information technology channels it. Beneath the veneer of the modern world hides the infrastructure that is IT.