About Us

Active Brand Communications came into the world kicking and screaming in 2002 and we haven’t stopped since! We are now considered one of the hottest, hippest and most happening branding and design companies in town and we pride ourselves on making a big noise in order to get our clients heard!

What does Active Brand do?

Simply put: what we do depends on what you need done!

So – what do you want?

• Cracking corporate identity or event branding conceptualisation and development?
• Marvelous multi-media – web-design, interactive CD’s, presentations, graphic design and layout?
• Brilliant below or through-the-line advertising?
• Positive public relations to maximise company exposure?
• Exhilarating face-to-face events management?
• Perfectly pitched and beautifully branded promo gifts, clothing, banners or flags?
• Creatively crafted communication and marketing strategies?
• Primo and Pronto litho or digital printing solutions?
• Sizzling signage to mark your territory?

Perhaps you’re not too sure what you actually need? Well, let us tell you! Just throw us the ball – we shoot for the hoop and score everytime!

How does Active Brand do it?

We pride ourselves on having never been in the box in the first place, so we think firmly outside of it – and we operate in a transparent and collaborative manner, every step of the way. Once you’ve given us a shout, we’ll scoot over to your spot and we can sit down and do a bit of detailed jaw-flapping about what you need and how we’re going to give it to you. Afterwards, we’ll do a fair bit of ferreting about to get you the moolah lowdown, and if you’re game we’re then officially on your case! The process is a ladder we’ll climb together, and not only will we lead the way, we’re the safety net that will ensure no-one and nothing gets dropped.